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All IBMM teams will have a manager who’s responsible for managing the team’s overall expectations and results.


The first stage to creating a new business on the Internet, is to define the purpose, the target audience and the content that will be of interest to the anticipated audience. From that, we are able to begin the visual expression in the form of an Interactive Prototype“. This will allow us to convey the overall “Look and Feel” of each page to the developers.


The second stage is the actual process where the new Internet business is developed. It is here that our technology group takes the elements of the interactive prototype and builds the actual functioning website. In some cases, it requires a huge team of people that are proficient in a host of technical skills. And yet, at other times, it only requires one or two.


The sales & marketing team is responsible for handling the image / brand and sales message for our new businesses. They accomplish this through diverse forms of promotion that include various channels of advertising and public relations. Sometimes, they establish alliances that can strengthen our position in the marketplace. They are often found collaborating with other teams in order to enrich the consumer’s experience on our websites. The entire team is responsible for defining and managing a sales strategy to achieve the sales goals that they have helped to establish.


The maintenance team is responsible for ensuring that everything that is already running smoothly, continues to run smoothly. However, it is also responsible for other business functions, such as …  accounting, finance, legal, administrative services, etc.