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Collaborative Adventures is a Social Enterprise that was established to build a rather unique approach to funding charitable causes. You see, we are in the process of designing, building and marketing a multitude of charitable businesses. This way, throughout the year, the sale of advertising to each of our clients will generate profits that will Fund Charitable Causes  and Build More Charitable Businesses.

And, during each year, almost all of those charitable funds will be managed and distributed by a nationwide network of  community-driven WizerGiving Meetups.

Well, needed may not be the right word. But, whether we like it or not, more and more of our federal, state and local community programs are being reduced or eliminated. And, these budgetary problems are affecting the well-being of our communities all around our country. Therefore, we need more money to reclaim and improve these programs.

Interestingly, the structure of our Collaborative Adventures program was actually guided by mathematics. You see, although a huge amount of money was raised and provided to charities … American corporations gave ONLY 5%. So, this encouraged us to define a system that will significantly increase the amount of corporate giving.

Well, we feel that we have fashioned a WIN WIN WIN for both charities and advertisers. You see, our companies will sell advertising at an extremely, large discount (generally 40% to 50% off), which we refer to as Charitable Discounts. However, in order for our advertisers to enjoy these immense discounts, they must commit to redirecting their savings to our national network of  WizerGiving MeetUps. And, subsequently, these Community-Managed Meetupswill allocate a substantial amount of this money to a wide variety of worthwhile community causes.

 So … as you can see … the charities receive considerable financial benefit, while our advertisers are provided multiple benefits. They get their advertising, as well as additional Internet sponsorship and valuable community PR. Furthermore, in most cases, they can write it off as either a business expense or charitable donation

Well, that’s an excellent question. And, in some ways, they’re not different. However, instead of running continuous fund raiserswe manufacture charitable businesses . Therefore, the biggest difference between Collaborative Adventures and most traditional charities, is the manner in which we accrue money. Instead of having to run regular, annual fund-raising events, we design, development and market charitable businesses that will continuously generate the money needed to help many different charitable causes.

All of the money that is raised through donations will be used for the design, development and marketing of our charitable businesses.

NOI do not plan to use any of the contributions provided by our contributors. However, I will afford myself a reasonable compensation when our businesses are providing enough revenue to do so.

Absolutely !!!

Every one of our charitable businesses will have a corresponding domain name secured by an agreement to make a judicious effort to succeed within a reasonable period of time.

Our Partners are YOU !!!

I say this because, during the year, almost all of the Charitable Discounts will be managed and distributed by a nationwide network of  community-driven WizerGiving Meetups. And, these meetups are comprised of volunteers from each of the communities across the nation.

Therefore, as you might have suspected … our partners are the people in each of those communities.

Initially, these are the charitable businesses on our drawing board:

AcademicFacts, BizSurveys, CampusTribune, CommunitySports, EmpirePublishers, HiringPoint, StudentPath, TelePowered, WiseWizard, Wizer and  Universal Peace.

If you haven’t already done so, please feel free to review our plans for each business. Their all documented in the web section titled OUR BUSINESSES.

If you have any questions … please don’t hesitate to send them to me.

Thank you.