• AcademicFacts

    … is an online directory service that makes all information related to higher education institutions (On-Line, as well as, On-Campus) only a click away.

    Associated Domains: academicfacts.com

  • BizSurveys

    … is similar to the TelePowered website (please see below), but specifically dedicated to businesses that want to do surveys of their customer and/or potential customers. Since it does not have the word “calling” in its name, it is easier to address a diverse market of media choices (phone, email, US mail, etc.).

    Associated Domains: bizsurveys.com

  • CampusTribune

    … is an online “school” newspaper that’s personally customized by each reader. This is accomplished by allowing every user to select the specific CampusColumns from any school/college newsletter listed on CampusNewsletters.

    Associated Domains: campustribune.com, campuscolumns.com, campusnewsletters.com

  • CommunitySports

    … is an “online bookmarking dashboard” that encompasses the entire spectrum of all sports in every community throughout the United States. It will be designed to assist the coordination and performance of all functions that each community sport requires in order to handle their communication requirements, whether it be schedules, scores, interest articles and/or needed “one to many” exchanges (i.e.: rain outs, reschedules, etc.). Ultimately, communities across the country would get to enjoy the assimilated knowledge of all sports throughout their entire area. In addition, a well-crafted “mobile” interface will allow for a continuous, real-time interaction of team members and their respective coordinators.

    Associated Domains: communitysports.com

  • EmpirePublishers

     … is an online directory of publishers and other related companies. The goal of our search function will be to provide a quick and accurate approach to finding a publishing firm that focuses on the specific needs of each creative artist.

    Associated Domains: empirepublishers.com

  • HiringPoint

    …  is a connection point for all hiring sites with an emphasis on business and social interaction for the purpose of securing a job. Instead of creating another hiring site, the HiringPoint would be a partner to all of the present ones. Through the use of a personalized online dashboard, each user would be able to bookmark and manage all aspects of his or her job quest.

    Associated Domains: hiringpoint.com

  • StudentPath

     … is a connection point for all higher education (whether online and/or on-campus) with an emphasis on guiding and managing the process for anyone who is interested in improving their educational situation. The interface will be designed to allow the overall management of all interaction between prospective students and the schools that they are interested in. Furthermore, it will be integrated with related sister sites (academicfacts.com and campustribune.com).  

    Associated Domains: studentpath.com

  • TelePowered

     … is an online directory of companies that provide a host of communication services for a variety of distinct businesses in different markets. The emphasis will be on differentiating the markets that each of the teleservice companies is best qualified to benefit (ie: product sales, fund-raising, etc).

    Associated Domains: telepowered.com, procallers.com, bizcalling.com, callingpros.com, procalling.com, charitycalling.com, alumnicalling.com, universitycalling.com

  • Wizer

    … is “the gateway to the internet”. It is a unique, Internet community system, architected to provide a system for curating personal and public bookmarks within the numerous interest areas (over 300 Wizer URLs) of all its diverse members. All user information would be rated and shared in an online-filing-system that provides for customized storing of each member’s favorite selections. It would allow all members of each community a way to handle relevant multimedia information in a very intuitive and well-organized manner. And, all Wizer members, within their particular group, would help to define the value of each bookmarked website. In essence, it’s an attempt to blend “Content Management” with “Social Networking” and “Shopping”, while integrating all of it with advertising that’s designed to address the needs and desires of each specific user. Therefore, the chief source of Wizer revenue would be derived from the sale of “super-targeted” keyword advertising. And yet, the service would be designed to be complementary, not hostile, to all bookmarked websites.
    Associated Domains: wizer.com (plus over 300 Wizer URLs)

  • WiseWizard

    ... Originally, this website was dedicated to instilling the “Golden Rule” in the minds of all young people as they mature into an adult. Associated Domains: wisewizard.com