Some Questions. Some Answers.

  • Collaborative Adventures is “a manufacturer of businesses”. In other words, teams of collaborating individuals (Contributors) work together to … Imagine, Build, Market and Maintain … distinct Internet businesses. In each case, it is our intent to create businesses that are synergistic to those already in the marketplace. The team objective is to manage the creative and technical development of unique, Internet-based communities. And, when they are ready, marketing people will implement revenue-generating plans for each of the companies.

    Ultimately, when it makes financial sense, the management team will consider a viable exit strategy. At that moment, all of the people involved in the development and implementation of that particular business will be provided with an opportunity to decide how they wish to use the related Investor Units that they have earned.

  • Well, in a way, Collaborative Adventures is a “stock market” for the technologist who has little or no money to invest in stocks. You get to experience all of the pros and cons of investing … but without money.

    Instead, you get to invest your intellectual proficiency in the hopes of converting it into a capital gain. And, while you’re waiting for that potential cash out, you get an option to garner a share of collective profits. Or, you are provided the option of accepting other rewards in lieu of financial remuneration.

    Of course, the rewards are more than just money. There are other reasons why a person might wish to work at Collaborative Adventures. For example, he or she may be energized by the excitement generated by being involved in a startup and, consequently, working within a team of talented people. Besides, although many of us would like to be involved in a startup, we don’t wish to go it alone.

    By the way, if you do have money, but little or no intellectual talents that you can share at the moment, you are invited to purchase an interest in Collaborative Adventures. In some cases, the money will be used to buy the services of contractors who are not in a financial position to “Work for Equity”. In other cases, it will be used to purchase the many services required to run the Internet businesses.

    So … let’s collaborate.

  • Collaborative Adventures is comprised of a team of independent contractors to manage, control and execute the key business functions for each of its distinct business ventures. Individuals who feel that they have the knowledge and experience to handle specific business functions, can review and apply for the different Job Assignments available on our website.

    They are listed by:

    1. the name of the companies under development;
    2. the operational business categories (Imagine It, Build It, Market It, Maintain It);
    3. the explicit goals and responsibilities;
    4. the specific time frame for expected completion;
    5. and, the Investor Units available.
  • Collaborative Adventures is interested in people who can successfully complete, in a timely manner, the established job goals that they have accepted. To join us, a potential contributor must first sign up at our website. Subsequently, he or she will be able to review all of the available jobs. They will be listed by the specific company under development, the job responsibilities and how many Investor Units will be granted for successfully completing the assignment.

    Essentially, we are looking for …

    (1) product visionaries to help define desirable and sustainable products;

    (2) technologically gifted people to bring our products to a marketable point; and

    (3) marketing people to insure adroitly choreographed launches.

  • Since Collaborative Adventures is not supported by a significant capital fund, the critical challenge is to insure that each new business has a team of talented and innovative people that are willing to Work for Investor Units. And, the essence of our investor agreement is the potential to acquire a vested interest in the future success of the companies.

    This is accomplished in three ways:

    1. Based upon a contributors cumulative earned “Investor Units”, that person may receive a measured share of the combined distributed profits of Collaborative Adventures LLC.
    2. In addition, if a specific business that they contributed to is sold, they may receive a calculated portion of the proceeds from the sale of that business. This will be based upon the “Investor Units” that the Contributor earned while working on that specific business.
    3. However, a contributor has the option to accept other rewards in lieu of financial remuneration.

    So, the intent is to dynamically share our business successes in a manner that is fair, rewarding and motivational. In other words, the more work you do, the greater your vested interest.

  • Well, in all fairness, it’s not really a question of “not wanting” to work at Collaborative Adventures. It’s really a series of demands related to you as an individual. For example, if you have a family to support, and no supplementary income, this is not a prudent choice. Furthermore, a commitment of this nature can consume an incredible amount of personal time and mental energy. And, this can be very stressful.

    So, let me give you some honest advice … if you thrive on certainty … this is not for you.

  • The Investor Units that are earned by service contributors to Collaborative Adventures, are all vested based upon performance. In other words, the quality and timeliness of a contributor’s work is the essence of their vesting schedule.

    However, generally speaking, the contributor’s work will be deemed sufficient and timely based upon the overall success of his associated team.

    Therefore, it’s in the best interest of all team members to act as a team !!!


    If a Contributor is not able to fulfill the accepted work in a timely fashion, and within the quality parameters anticipated, their Investor Units may be adversely affected (or annulled). This may be necessary due to the fact that a Contributor’s work (quality and timeliness) could negatively affect everyone connected to the Collaborative Adventures organization.


  • Dynamic Distribution (and Dilution) is a system of providing Investor Units where the calculated share of each contributor (as an overall percent of the whole) is continuously changing – UP and DOWN.

    The reason for this is fairly straight forward. Mathematically, as different people provide varying amounts of time, talent and success, the shared interest of some will become greater, while that of others will be reduced.