Some Questions. Some Answers.

  • Collaborative Adventures is “a manufacturer of charitable businesses”. In other words, teams of collaborating individuals work together to … Imagine, Build, Market and Maintain … distinct Internet businesses. In each case, it is our intent to create businesses that are synergistic to those already in the marketplace. The team objective is to manage the creative and technical development of unique, Internet-based communities. And, when they are ready, marketing people will implement revenue-generating plans for each of the companies.

    Ultimately, when it makes financial sense, the management team will consider a viable Exit strategy. At that moment, all of the investors will be appropriately rewarded.

  • Well, in a way, Collaborative Adventures is a “stock market” for the technology investor. However, instead of betting your money on the potential success of one idea, you get to invest … SIMULTANEOUSLY … in many potential opportunities. And, while you’re waiting for that prospective cash out (Exit), you get to garner a share of collective profits from several businesses working under the same roof.

  • Collaborative Adventures is comprised of a team of independent contractors to manage, control and execute the key business functions for each of its distinct business ventures. Individuals who feel that they have the knowledge and experience to handle specific business functions, will be provided with a chance to review and apply for different Job Assignments.

    We plan to list them by:

    1. the name of the companies under development;
    2. the operational business categories (Imagine It, Build It, Market It, Maintain It);
    3. the explicit goals and responsibilities;
    4. the specific time frame for expected completion;
    5. and, the amount to be paid for completing the Job Assignment.
  • Collaborative Adventures is interested in Independent Contractors who can successfully complete, in a timely manner, the established job goals that they have accepted. To join us, a potential contributor must first sign up at our website. Subsequently, he or she will be able to review all of the available jobs. They will be listed by the specific company under development, the job responsibilities, the time allotted and the pay for successfully completing the assignment.

    Essentially, we are looking for …

    (1) product visionaries to help define desirable and sustainable products;

    (2) technologically gifted people to bring our products to a marketable point; and

    (3) marketing people to insure adroitly choreographed launches.

  • Well, in all fairness, it’s like investing in any Initial Public Offering.

    Therefore … it’s a gamble

    So, if you have a family to support, and very little supplementary income to spare, this may not be a prudent investment. You probably don’t need the additional stress.

    So, let me give you some honest advice … if you thrive on certainty … this is not for you.

  • Collaborative Adventures is an ongoing business entity that will routinely be raising money. Therefore, the number of investor units (similar to shares) will be in a fairly steady state of flux. I refer to this as Dynamic Distribution (and Dilution).

    Essentially, the calculated share of each investor (as an overall percent of the whole) will be changing almost continuously.

    The reason for this is fairly straight forward. Mathematically, as different people invest varying amounts of money, the shared interest of some will become greater, while that of others will be reduced.