The following is the fundamental reasoning behind the Collaborative Adventures concept … a new environment for manufacturing businesses through entrepreneurial collaboration. Due to life’s many widespread and threatening financial circumstances, there are an incredibly large (and growing) number of people who would like to become entrepreneurs. But, unfortunately, numerous obstacles like, no time, no money, outdated talent, etc are very limiting factors. So, it occurred to me, what if we could share our limitations and risk within a company that strives to manufacture those businesses. And, what if the people who opted to share in those business adversities were rewarded appropriately. In other words, aside from accolades for “doing a great job”, they could choose to share in accumulative profits, growth in equity value or other comparable rewards. Anyway, I decided to commence operations by using some of my many domains, as well as, the business models I have initially ascribed to them.

So, if you feel that this collaborative model might work for you … then maybe you should considering joining us.

Dave Ellenbogen / Founder (