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Collaborative Adventures

is a manufacturer of charitable businesses


SUPER IMPORTANT We are in the process of building a new, economic system that runs parallel to and promotes our present capitalistic system, while simultaneously providing a continuous flow of funding to help many charitable causes.

Collaborative Adventures is a Social Enterprise  that will design, build and market a multitude of charitable businesses. Subsequently, the continuous sale of advertising to each of our client companies will generate profits that will …


Fund Charitable Causes


Build More Charitable Businesses


And … since communities are the stakeholders in our charitable businesses, they get to determine how they would like to distribute their share of the profits to charitable causes.

So, during the year, 40% to 60% of potential Collaborative Adventures profits will be managed and distributed by a nationwide network of community-driven WizerGiving Meetups.

So ... if you can ... please help us to manufacture charitable businesses by making a small donation. Thank you.