Collaborative Adventures is “a manufacturer of charitable businesses”. It’s charter is to  … Imagine, Build, Market and Maintain … distinct Internet businesses. And, subsequently, each of these commercial enterprises will contribute a significant share of their profits to good causes. In each case, it is our intent to create businesses that are synergistic to those already in the marketplace. The team objective is to manage the creative and technical development of unique, Internet-based communities. And, when they are ready, marketing people will implement revenue-generating plans for each of the companies.

Essentially, through the recent democratization of equity crowdfunding, all investors are provided a measured ownership in all of the businesses produced by it. Consequently, the overall funding requirements are reduced. In addition, the overall financial risk is considerably mitigated. This is because the financial contributors are invested in the development and production of simultaneous business potentials. So, if one of the business projects fails to succeed, or just falls behind schedule, the investor is protected by either ongoing successes or the possibility of other businesses coming to fruition. Of course, success is not guaranteed. But, ultimately, it is hoped that all financial supporters will share in accumulative profits on a quarterly basis. Furthermore, if and when any of the businesses are sold, all investors will receive their fare share of the proceeds from the asset sale.

Dave Ellenbogen / Founder (